We understand every plant engineer or maintenance manager has specific needs and wants. Schneider & Schneider Mechanical Inc. will cater to you. We won’t just install a system, we install a system to your plant specifications. If you know what you need for your process to work, we know how to make it happen with an on time and in-budget delivery.


Sanitary Piping Fabrication

Machinery Moving and Setting

Steel Fabrication

RO Systems

Clean Steam Applications

Solvent Piping

Natural Gas and Propane Piping

Silo and Tank Repair

Vacuum Systems

Scrubber Systems

Air Piping

Dust Collectors

Emergency Eye Wash Stations

Backflow Prevention Device Testing

Hastelloy Fabrication

Poly Fusion Systems

Paint Booth

Washer Lines



Cheese Plants

Whey Plants


Cranberry Juice

Jelly Industries

Grease Refineries

Food Flavoring

Hydraulic Manufacturers

Tool Casting Facilities

Expanded Polystyrene Manufacturing

Meat Packaging

Dairy Creameries

Painting Facilities

Brewing Ingredients

Metal Finishing

Metal Fabrication

Cold Storage

Food Grade

We realize that our customers make their money by producing a product. Our team is familiar with doing a variety of installations, while coordinating with production schedules. We specialize in the following Food Grade Services:


Compressed Gas

Food Grade Stainless Steel Sanitary Welding

Steam and Condensate

Steam Trap Survey

Process Water

CIP Systems

RO/DI Water

Glycol Systems

Designing of Heat Exchanger Packages

Backflow Preventer


Sanitary SS304/SS316 PVF Provider


Schneider & Schneider Mechanical Inc. has been successfully servicing Pharmaceutical facilities for over 10 years. We are capable of supply and installing the wide ranging needs that the industry requires: We are your top Hasteloy C-22/C-276 provider in the state.


RTO Systems

Vacuum and Exhaust Systems

Solvent Systems

Compressed Gas Systems

Reactor Installation

RO/DI Purified Water Systems: GF Pro-gef, SS Sanitary, etc.

Scrubber Systems: SS, Labwaste, Z-Core, Aquatherm, etc.

Heat Transfer Systems: Glycol, Syltherm, or Therminol

Product Lines: SS316, SS304, Hasteloy C-22, Hasteloy C-276


Hasteloy C22/C276 PVF Provider

“Lower costs and peace of mind”

We routinely ask their guys to perform under less than ideal conditions and they always perform flawlessly. The guys in the field are always courteous, respectful and never complain about the task at hand. Most importantly, they complete their work in a timely manner with exceptional quality, leading to lower costs and peace of mind. I would highly recommend S&S Mechanical to anyone looking for a hard-working, efficient, and highly skilled mechanical contractor.

Ben Bertram – Project Manager at Sanimax